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Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass is a whole lot of fun as they fight better than most any freshwater fish there is. There are great locations to wade fish for Smallies but the weather and water conditions play a role in when and where to fly fish for them.


We will take you to some larger rivers on these trips but don't be intimidated as there are some easier spots to wade to get good results. While most of the Smallies are taken on subsurface flies there is a good chance to catch them on top water flies as well.


We provide eight weight fly rods for these trips to accommodate casting the larger flies used such as Frog Divers, Gurgle Bugs, Meat Whistles and weighted Leech and Crawfish patterns.


You better keep a good grip on your fly rod as even a 10" Smallie can pull it right out of your hands if your not careful.

Hold On and Have Fun!

Guided Fly Fishing Trips for Smallmout Bass in Asheville, North Carolina
Smallmouh Bass Guided Fly Fishing Tours
Guided Fly Fishing Charters for Smallmouth Bass Asheville, NC
Guided Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Western North Carolina

Contact us to book a Smallmouth Bass wade trip.

Full Day Wade

One Angler - $350
Two Anglers - $450
Three Anglers - $525

Half Day Wade

One Angler - $250
Two Anglers - $350
Three Anglers - $420

License & gratuity not included,
prices subject to change

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